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Your journal for more mindfulness & connection to nature in everyday life. 


This seasonal companion would like to accompany you a bit in spring, give you new ideas and make you curious about the wild world out there.


In this journal, 13 nature-educational weekly impulses are waiting for you, inviting you to experience the beauty that surrounds us  and to integrate it as an anchor for more mindfulness in your everyday life. 


❀ 13 weekly impulses to feel wild, learn and discover

❀  Find space for your experiences & reflections

❀  Experience more connection to nature & mindfulness in your everyday life


An invitation to feel wild in spring! 


After the purchase, you will receive your nature diary as a PDF to print out yourself! 






My nature diary | Spring | eBook (PDF)

VAT Included
  • According to § 19 UStG, no sales tax is charged due to the small business regulation.

  • Also as  printed and bound edition available!

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